Q. What kind of equipment do you use?

A. I shoot with 2 bodies: Canon 5D Mark iii and Canon 6D with Prime L series lenses, usually my 35mm and 135mm or 50mm on each hip, two flashes, and other fun gear!

Q. How far in advance do we need to book?

A. Typically portrait sessions are booked 1-2 months in advance and weddings are booked anywhere from a few months to a year out.

Q. How do we book you?

A. Send me an email with a little information about you and what you're looking for! I'll respond with my welcome packet and if you're not sure how many hours of coverage you need, we can chat a little more to figure out what would best suit your needs. Once I email your contract, I just need you to sign it and send your 20% deposit. Then the date is all yours!

Q. How many hours should we hire you for?

A. 8 hours with an engagement session is the most popular option, but it really depends on your wedding. I would be happy to help you determine what would be best for you based on your timeline for the day.

Q. Can you split the wedding day coverage into two parts?

A. No, I offer continuous coverage only. If you have a large gap between the ceremony and reception, that is actually preffered. Sometimes the portraits feel a little rushed, but more time allows the opportunity to have fun with the photos without worrying about time. If you are not having a first look with the groom before the ceremony, most of the photos need to take place afterward. When you are creating your timeline, I usually recommend scheduling about 30 minutes for family, 30 minutes for the bridal party, and 30 minutes minimum for bride & groom photos. And you also have to factor in driving time if multiple venues are involved. Another advantage to having a gap like that is you can spend more time with your guests during cocktail hour and I will be able to get more photos of them!

Q. If we need you to stay longer than expected, is that possible?

A. Yes. I usually keep the whole day open for your wedding. Just let me know if you need more time and I can add on an additional hour if needed.

Q. Do you travel?

A. YES, all the time! I'm located in Southern California and would love to go just about anywhere! More details regarding travel fees are in my welcome guide. Interested in booking a portrait session but not located in CA? Since I often travel for weddings, I may be in your area. Check out my list of travel dates to see where I'll be!

Q. Do you always have a second shooter?

A. Yes, for weddings I do. I can't be everywhere at once, so having a second shooter is very important to me in documenting your day thoroughly. That is why it's included in all my collections! I have a few photographers who shoot with me regularly because we work so well together, share similar creative visions, use the same equipment, and I can trust them to get the shots I need. If I am traveling to your wedding, you'll receive $100 off your collection if you decide to fly out my second shooter!

Q. Should we have a first look or not?

A. This is a very personal decision, so I will offer some advice but it will ultimately be up to you and your fiancé. The traditional first look as you are walking down the aisle is beautiful and I love it. However, in some cases the timeline doesn't allow enough time after the ceremony to fit in all the photos depending on ceremony time or an early sunset. If you are not planning to have a first look, my suggestion for you is to be sure your ceremony is early enough and there is enough time afterward for the majority of the photos (a couple hours) since they can't be taken before the ceremony (family, full bridal party, and bride + groom). If possible, allow time for portraits of just the bridesmaides together + just the groomsmen together before the ceremony. If you decide to have a first look, one advantage is that you can take as many photos before the ceremony as you like. Some couples also prefer having alone time together beforehand to read letters, pray, and get nerves out. If you don't want to do a first look but would like to pray together with your eyes closed, that's also a very sweet, intimate moment. So when you are scheduling your ceremony and creating your timeline, keep in mind what you prefer and be sure to plan accordingly!

Q. How much time do you need for "getting ready" on our wedding day?

A. I usually suggest that I start at least an hour before you leave for the ceremony (if you are getting ready somewhere other than the ceremony location). Typically my second shooter will be with the guys while I am with the girls. The photos of the guys can also take place at the ceremony location, depending on the timeline and how far away their getting ready location is. Be sure to have any special details ready for me to photograph during that time such as gifts to each other, bridal party gifts, letters, garter, bouquets, boutonnieres, bride's and bridesmaids' dresses, jewelry, shoes, family heirlooms, crucifix for vows (if you are doing that), marriage rosary or lasso, Bible, or other items. I usually get photos of both of your rings during the reception. Also, please mail me save the dates/invitation! I will be sure to get photos of those for you as well.

Q. Do you edit all the photos we receive? Do you ever give away RAW files?

A. Yes, they have each been edited by hand in Adobe Lightroom to bring out the very best in every single photo! And no, the RAW files are like a painting that is half complete. I want to be sure your photos each beatifully tell the story of your day and represent my style/brand.

Q. How do we receive our photos?

A. All of my collections include a custom online gallery to view and share your images, unlimited download of the digital files in JPEG form at 3 different sizes (including full resolution), and print release to order prints if you like. The majority of the photos are color with some black & whites mixed in. I will use my discretion to decide which ones work better in black & white.

Q. How many photos will we receive?

A. It really depends on your coverage time. For weddings you will receive anywhere from 600 to 1200 photos on average. For portraits, you will receive anywhere from 60-120 (for an hour or more).

Q. Can we post our photos on social media?

A. Of course! I love seeing your photos on social media! Though I retain copyright to the photos, you may post online for personal use to your heart's content! All I ask is that the photos are not altered or edited in any way with filters since I've done all that work for you. This just ensures that anything shared online is an accurate representation of my work. And if you give me photo credit, that would be so rad!

Q. Do you offer engagement photos with your wedding collections?

A. Yes, engagement sessions are included in a couple of my packages. An engagement session is a great way to get to know each other before the wedding day, and of course always makes for some unique images of your relationship outside of the wedding day.

Q. What should I wear to my engagement session?

A. I always suggest wearing something that you feel beautiful in and brings out your personality. You can't go wrong color coordinating without "matching". Try to avoid distracting logos and busy patterns if possible. Layers, accessories, and anything flowy always looks good. If you can't decide, bring a casual everyday outfit and casual dressy outfit to mix it up.

Q. What is the best time of day to shoot?

A. For portraits sessions, I shoot just before sunset. I prefer the look of natural light over flash, and the "golden hour" light has the warmth and softness that makes for beautiful photos. I also recommend scheduling your portraits on the wedding day during an optimal time for lighting, within 2 hours before sunset if possible. If it's overcast, any time of the day works just fine. But if that isn't possible, I can get creative and work with any lighting situation! I only use flash for the reception when it's too dark to rely on natural light.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee?

A. Nope! There is no cancellation fee for weddings or portrait sessions, however, the retainer deposit is non-refundable once paid.

Q. Do you have insurance?

A. Yes. I carry insurance on all of my equipment and liability. Let me know if your venue needs proof.

Q. If we want to contact you, what is the best way?

A. For inquries: through the contact form on my site or by email // hello@elissavoss.co

The more info you include in your email/message, the better! We can also set up a time to chat over the phone after our initial email.

For any other questions, just ask and I would be happy to answer them!