Your wedding day marks the moment in time you enter into a lifelong vocation. The day you stand by your best friend and speak words that promise a lifetime of free, total, faithful, and fruitful love. The day you choose another imperfect person to journey with. The people who have raised, supported, and loved you throughout your life you will travel from miles around to celebrate with you. But it's not just about you: this day will be a sign of the Lord's love to all who are dear to you. Laughter will be shared, tears of joy will be shed, hugs will be exchanged, prayers will be spoken, and lots of moves will bust out on the dance floor.

You will treasure and share your favorite moments of this day far beyond this generation. They will hang on the walls of many homes, in many zip codes, for many decades. It is so much more than lush bouquets, aesthetically pleasing decor, and your favorite food in abundance, as dreamy as all of those details are. Marriage is a gift to be shared. Marriage impacts countless souls. Marriage is something good and sacred that is cause for celebration. Marriage is a glimpse of divine Love. The story started long before you even met. How you grew as individuals, how you served and loved in your single years, how your paths crossed, and how you prepared your hearts all leads up to this day. But this is only the beginning of a new adventure of joy, sacrifice, and self-giving that will continue to be poured into family, and into community.

This investment will ensure you never forget the day that altered the course of your lives. If my work resonates with you, I would love to photograph your journey toward marriage: by capturing the beauty of your story for you to hold onto and look back on. I care deeply for my clients and hope to develop a friendship with everyone I work with. Working with me is about so much more than just the end result - it's about the experience. Getting to know you, helping create a timeline of what you're envisioning, "third wheeling" your engagement session, and prayerfully preparing for your day-- I want to make sure you can truly be present and soak it all in. With a storytelling approach, I document every aspect of your wedding day as it happens: a combination of details, authentic interactions, and artistic portraits. It's such an honor to journey with you to one of the most momentous days of your life and be apart of your own little community. I'll probably shed a few tears and laugh until my cheeks hurt because I'll feel like part of the family by the end. I want you to know that you are cared for every step of the way, that I value the in-between moments that may go unnoticed by others, and I believe your story is uniquely beautiful. It deserves to be told.

2019 Update:

Unfortunately I am not currently booking any weddings for an indefinite amount of time due to the condition of my health. However, I want to be sure you are well taken care of so I would love to send some referrals your way and get you in touch with another photographer who would be the perfect fit for you. You can contact me here!

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