I've known Cristina and David since the early days of their relationship. With killer artistic talent, creativity, and hearts for serving others, I knew right away they were a perfect fit for each other. Their beautiful DIY wedding day tucked away in the woods east of San Diego was a memorable celebration. From Cristina's wedding dress, to the comic strip of their story, and all the calligraphy, personal touches that truly show who they are were scattered throughout the day. The story of how they met and journeyed into marriage is a sweet one. I'll let Cristina tell it in her words:

"David and I met in church.  We were both looking for a home church; I had just come back from studying in Seattle and David had recently moved to San Diego for an art program.  We happened to sit across from one another at a table and got to chat a bit.  We were both artists and from our conversation that evening, it seemed we were also very like-minded.  After the service ended, David tried to muster up the courage to ask me out, but was not successful. The next week, I came to church late and the only available seat was way up in the front of the room.  I shamefully made my way up to that seat and sat down, completely oblivious to the fact that I was seated next to David.  I was wearing my hair and bangs down instead of up like the previous week and was seated next to him instead of across from him, so he didn't recognize me.  Despite this, he happened to think I was pretty cute the second time he met me and decided he wouldn't make the same mistake with this girl. When he introduced himself, I told him that we met the week before and he smoothly transitioned into asking me out to coffee.  I said yes and we exchanged numbers.  We texted back and forth and a daytime coffee turned into Friday night drinks - which, apparently, was his plan all along.   We have been together ever since and we joke that he fell for me twice.  Truth is, since we've been together, we have continued to fall for each other each day.
We have a really close friendship with the pastor who married us.  He prepared us in many ways by teaching and showing us how Jesus loves us - in spite of our flaws and failures - and how we can love one another in very simple, everyday ways.  We are continually learning how to recognize each others needs, victories, and hurts, and how to intentionally serve and love, even when it's hard.
Our wedding day was full of fun and laughter.  It was incredible to be able to celebrate our love with friends and family from near and far. Our favorite moment on our wedding day was easily our 'First Look'.  It was one of the happiest moments of our lives and we were overwhelmed with so much joy!  It was a wonderful, quiet moment we were able share alone in the midst of the busyness of the wedding day.
We hope to be beside one another, supporting one another, and falling more deeply in love with one another each day.  We want to create a loving family and a home environment that is open and welcoming to all.  We hope to be seeking Jesus and the Kingdom of God in the communities we find ourselves in."

Thank you to Wendy of Chris & Wendy Weddings for shooting with me!